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Posted: 30th July 2008 by daddy in Uncategorized

September 23, 1981

Lucky Color: Teal
Personality Strengths: Chivalry, Bravery
Personality Weakness(es): Weak-heartedness
Successful Career Path: Fashion
Sense of Humor Style: Obscure
Adjectives to Describe You: adventurous, enterprising

Description:Enterprising and creative – you see things that most people fail to even dream about. You see the world from a unique perspective and that gives you a natural advantage in most regards. Talented to the point of being almost prodigal, one can only hope that you utilize your talent and make something great of your life.

  1. AyUmi says:

    successful career path : fashion?



  2. ahkon says:

    successful career path : fashion?

    bestnye! hehehe
    bila nak buka butik ni?

  3. pirateslelaki says:

    ayumi, ahkon: tu la pasal… rasa mcm nak jadi rizalman la plak.. hahaha… meh meh i reka baju utk u’oll!!