Masak ayam!

Posted: 12th October 2007 by daddy in Uncategorized

well, here’s a funny story, just to show how dumb i am…

my mum sedang menggoreng ayam. feeling kesian for her, i offered my hands to tolong her. well, i did not offer actually. saja tangan menggatal. as my mum went to the other part of the kitchen, i amik the senduk and kacau-kacau the ayam. bila dah rasa ayam tu dah masak, i angkat from the kuali and put it in a bekas. i showed it to my mum, “ini dah masak kan?”. guess what she answered, “not yet lah.. i just put it in kuali for less than i minute. how can it masak already?”

she amik the bekas from my hand, and put the ayam back in the kuali full with minyak.

hmm.. i guess i just have to learn more….