Foreign vs Local

Posted: 23rd October 2007 by daddy in Uncategorized

something interesting happened last sunday night.

i went to this gerai makan with at serdang. most of my friends will know the gerai nasi air. kebetulan plak, there was a football match between myteam2 (sucks) and indonesia youth team. no wonder la that gerai penuh.

as we sat down and ordered some food, suddenly everyone around us was cheering and clapping hands. so i tengok la kat screen besar tu. rupanya team berbaju merah has scored a goal. at first i didn’t know which team it was. either myteam or indonesia. after some time, i realised that it was the indonesian team. rupa-rupanya, kat sekeliling kitorang adalah mat-mat indonesia yang dtg nengok game tu.

then i wondered, nie baru satu gerai yang penuh dengan mat-mat ina (i read a pekeliling not long ago that the indonesian government has officially requested malaysian government not to address their people as INDON, instead they insisted on the term INA. so there u have it, MAT-MAT INA.. sounds feminine huh?) what about gerai-gerai lain? all over the country? patut pun sekarang kecoh pasal lambakan pekerja-pekerja asing di malaysia. and according to an unofficial statistic from my ministry, there are a an estimated number of 2.5 millions foreign workers here in malaysia. and for me as a orang malaysia yang biasa, that number is considered huge!!

when the malaysian government first brought in the foreign workers, it was meant only for a few sectors in the industry due to lack of manpower and labour from local people. if i’m not mistaken, the first MoU between malaysia as the source country and indonesia as the sending country was signed way back in late of 1980′s. then, it was followed by a number of other sending countries such as India, Vietnam, Nepal and others.

the very most important criteria when a majikan wants to hire foreign workers is that they must advertise the vacancies for at l month to utamakan pekerja tempatan. should there be no response, then they are allowed to bring in the foreign workers. but i think what happen today is that because of the high komisyen of bringing in foreign workers, the agents usually will directly bawa masuk pekerja asing without giving the locals an opportunity. other reasons on why majikan lebih berminat untuk menggaji pekerja asing adalah kerana they do not need to mencarum kepada EPF, SOCSO and others. gaji pun lebih rendah berbanding dengan apa yang local workers demand.

but whatever it is, our local talents and local workers should be given more chances to try their best to do the job. foreign workers should only be limited to certain sectors only, in which our local workers are not interested, especially the 3D’s environment; Dirty, Dangerous, Difficult.

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p/s: mind my grammar and vocab. i am a weak person :p