Goodbye Sir

Posted: 21st April 2009 by daddy in Uncategorized

hari ini, terima berita yang kurang enak.. my keyesyu naik pangkat.. good for him coz dpt elaun memangku turus III, but bad news for us, the young officers yang “directly” under him… 

he is a good leader.. throughout the years keje dengan dia, lots of experience dia share dengan kami. he put his trust in us, mould us to become good officers, who can stand tall with him.. and who can talk on his behalf..

datuk, we, at 7th floor, especially the Operation Room’s team, wish you all the best in your new office, and hope that you will not forget us, although often we couldn’t fulfill your expectations. you have been a great guidance to us and hope that your new ministry will also benefit from your leadership… 

**kalo di offer transfer ke kementerian ittew, akan ku pertimbangkan.. hahaha

  1. buzzybug says:

    sani, sudah dapat kad merah itu. nampaknya tahap wajib pegi la nie ek? hehe…

  2. K-lynn says:

    maybe it’s time for you to move on too..
    to learn and grow with other leaders.
    if the new ones are not as good
    maybe it’s time to find the leader IN YOU.
    (if your last line meant wanting to follow your boss lah)

    just my 2 sen, if it’s worth anything.