Little Updates on Her and Him

Posted: 11th April 2010 by daddy in Uncategorized

arrived at KB yesterday. oh boy, the whether here is hot!

some updates on my wife:

1. dilated of about 1 cm today. doc suruh dia balik umah dulu. kalo air dah pecah or rasa sakit selang 10 minit, quickly rush to the hosp.

2. mungkin akan deliver before 14 hb. paling lama pon seminggu. due nya patut 12 hb.

3. hari ni dah start rasa sakit2. sian my wife. berpeluh menahan sakit. dah la cuaca panas. luckily dibenarkan melepak dalam bilik kakak dia. sejuk sket… i need to get that portable air cond!

4. baby’s positioning is good. he is getting ready to pop out.. anytime now..

updates on her may not be published here. so please refer back to my facebook status from time to time. with this FB tech, i no longer have to SMS the entire world.

just can’t wait to be a dad!! a proud dad!!