I'm Sorry Goodbye

Posted: 25th January 2008 by daddy in Uncategorized

my laptop crashed.. tried to save all the data.. but unfortunately ter’format’ everything, including the read-only partition which stored all data.

now everything’s gone. and i mean EVERYTHING!! my songs, my documents, my PICTURES!!

and now i have to start all over again… who am i without my pictures… really sad…

and obviously i don’t know whether i’m going to do blogging anymore…

so, before i pen-off, would like to say sorry to everyone.. till we meet again….

  1. aishah says:

    hmmm..maksudnya, tagged itu tidak akan dibuat la eh dalam masa terdekat nih?
    takpelah bang. sorry for your loss..

  2. Pirates@KSM says:

    ada tag ke? hahaha..