nu year

Posted: 1st January 2008 by daddy in Uncategorized

2007 saw few tremendous experiences for me. there were dark ones, and there were also some joyable moments.

below are the wish-list that i have for 2007:

1. get rid of my kancil – done!
2. someone to share my love – DONE!!!
3. my own house – undone
4. phone/ gadget/ electronic species – almost done!
5. sofa & bedroom set – ??? nope, long long way to go (only managed to get the 29″ flat tv)
6. balik raya – hahaha, mantap! penerbangan ehsan Kerajaan Malaysia – boleh jumpa bonda terchenta!
7. increase my ASB fund – duit asyik keluar masuk.. susah nak jangka

i have made three trips to kelantan this year. hopefully in 2008, it will be my second home.

i have polished my BJE two times throughout 2007. but still, BJE ada banyak scratch lagi.

i failed to be the best officer in the office! ada orang dengki, sakit hati and also because of my kemalasan @ laziness.

i have found someone! and i think this one is gonna last forever. meet her family and some of her close friends. shared laughters, bengongs. yup, i even had made her cry few times (sowie sayang).

ada jugak kenangan pahit awal tahun. hmm, tanak citer kat sini..biarlah jadi pengajaran

to all yang dah antar new year wishes, i thank you a lot. sorry kalo tak dibalas, bukan sombong tapi i have my own reasons.

  1. Iron Butterfly says:

    wohoo.. sudah publicly acknowledging each other nampak.. mahu kawin ini tahunkah?? oh demmmmmmm!!!! aku keseoranganlah single nanti…

    apelah you tak sudi datang barbeku i.. haihhhh… i’m one of nolee’s close friends and also her 3rd cousin. You better get to know me asap!

  2. nolee says:

    jawab…jangan tak jawab…

  3. Pirates@KSM says:



    1. kawin tahun ni? – mungkin, mungkin belum sampai masanya
    2. keseorangan single? – mungkin tidak.
    3. barbeku nite? – bukan tak sudi, tapi ada aktiviti merempit malam tu.. hahaha… takde arr… malam tu segan sket… takpe.. nnt one day, kita story panjang2 eh
    4. close friends? cousin? – dah tau dah.. nolee talks a lot about u.. hehe.. i read your blog too…